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*Sold and installed by Safety Tubs Company, LLC an affiliated company of American Standard Brands. Liberation by American Standard™ is a licensed brand and product of Safety Tubs Company, LLC.©2020 AS America, Inc. Safety Tubs® is a registered trademark of AS America, Inc. Receive a free American Standard Cadet toilet with installation of a Liberation Walk-In Bath, Liberation Shower, or Deluxe Shower. Offer valid only while supplies last. Limit one per household. Must be first time purchaser. Financing subject to third party credit approval. Some financing options cannot be combined with other offers and may require minimum monthly payments. State/Local Licenses or Registration: AR: 0344500716; AZ: 298339; CA: CSLB B982796; City of Aurora CO: 2015947843; City of Boulder CO: LIC0010719-09; City of Chicago: TGC069222; City of Cincinnati: CBRC005550; City of Cleveland: CR14002039; City of Columbus: HIC01264; City of Denver CO: 244726; City of Indianapolis: GL1400125; City of Philadelphia: 42925; City of Topeka KS: R1CO 201505211433; CT: HIC.060365; FL: CGC1521836; IA: C124385; ID: RCE-39433; Johnson County KS: 2015-8031; LA: 556881; MA: 178962; MI: 2102207900; MN: BC693327; NE: Reg. 45758; NJ: HIC 13VH07702200; NYC: HIC 2022748-DCA; OR: 206553; PA: PA103639; Suffolk County NY: 55431H; TN: 7899; UT: 9182566-5501; VA: 2705156343; WA: SAFETTC867LP; WI: 1313129; AL:24641; MT:220207; MS:R17858; ND:53915; WVA: WV54341; SC:G119163; MD:133010; NM:388077; Safety Tubs Co.LLC does not sell in Nassau NY, Westchester NY, Putnam NY, Rockland NY. Upon request you can receive a copy of our Limited Lifetime Warranty by calling: 855-200-1870.