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Find the right extended auto warranty protection. Get a free customized quote.

  • Excellent coverage options and strong customer service.
  • Flexible repayment schedule.
  • Multi-lingual contracts to service non-English speakers.

Things to know

How it works

  • Answer a few questions

    Answer a few simple questions to help CarShield customize a quote specific to your warranty needs and prioritize the coverage you need most.
  • Receive a Free Quote

    Your answers are used to customize and prepare a quote. Once received, CarShield processes and calculates a quote just for you.
  • Speak to a warranty expert

    Once your quote has been prepared a CarShield auto warranty expert will contact you with more information and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

What to expect

  • Coverage

    More plans than most competitors and contracts available in Spanish.
  • Reliability

    Comprehensive plans including coverage for pricey items like transmissions.
  • Experience

    Strong reputation and well ranked by customers.

Reviews From Consumers like you

Excellent service over the phone. I’m glad I called. I hope we grow together over the years to come. I am so pleased with the price and coverage I received. I would recommend CarShield to everyone! I’ve seen other companies not as excellent as CarShield. I look forward to us growing together. Thank you so much!

Albert of Rowley, MA

My experience altogether was awesome. Great customer service as well. They were very helpful. They sent someone out to get my keys I locked in my truck by mistake. Within 30 minutes when he arrived he was very pleasant, did his job and now I have my keys. They are helpful as well.

Lashandra of Delray Beach, FL

My experience tonight with customer service was excellent. The customer care person was very helpful and knowledgeable. She made me at ease and was quick to respond to my needs. I had forgotten about my payment and was a day late on making my payment. I thought I'd be cancelled but when I called customer service she took my payment with no interruption in my service contract. I was very pleased. Car Shield is an excellent warranty.

Mellissa of Dalton, MA