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Owing taxes can be intimidating and stressful. We're here to provide you expert tax debt relief.

Do you owe more than $10k in back taxes?

Struggling with back taxes? It’s time to stop worrying and get professional help. If you or your business has more than $10,000 in back taxes and you aren’t in an IRS repayment plan, answer these questions so we can review your financial situation and match you with a tax relief company that negotiates on your behalf.

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I ended up owing the Feds, the State and Sales Tax departments many thousands of dollars after my husband's business failed after his death. After some of the agencies filed lien notices, I was contacted by Larson who wanted to handle my account. After checking them out to make sure they were legit, I agreed to have them help me. I was doubtful and skeptical, but was desperate... Their helpful and patient team guided me through the process and ultimately saved me approximately $30,000. I don't know what I would have done without them. The stress on my body and emotional well-being was taking its toll. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU LARSON FINANCIAL for all you do and seeing me through such a stressful situation.

Sharon of Sylmar, CA

I like being able to see all the people online, their employees and who runs it. I signed up with Community Tax and everything has been great. Enrolling with them was very easy and I was really pleased with them. They would send me a text every week or so just telling me my case was still in review. It’s just a simple thing but it kept me from worrying about it. A little update on what they kept doing was really nice. In the end, my case was resolved and it worked out well for me. The cost of their service was a little higher than some of the other options, but I felt more comfortable using them. It was worth it for me.

Richard of Colorado Springs, CO

The advisor was very professional but also came across as friendly and knowledgeable. And he was not afraid to tell me that certain other things needed to happen on my end before he could help me to the full extent I was seeking. I learned more in five minutes from this gentleman than I learned in over an hour of form filling and prevarication from two other companies who profess to be in the same field but with hindsight were at best unhelpful. Bravo Anthem Tax Services!

Andrew of San Diego, CA


Owing money to the IRS can be intimidating. If you need assistance with IRS tax relief, we've got your back. ConsumerAffairs has helped match millions of people with highly rated experts. Rest assured that one of our tax relief specialists or attorneys will be with you every step of the way.


If you or your business needs IRS relief from back taxes, submit a request for a free consultation with a tax expert today.


A Tax relief specialist or attorney will first review your case. Based on your individual circumstances, they will determine which existing tax relief codes and options may be available to you, including immediate relief and reaching the lowest possible settlement with the IRS.


No matter how big or complicated your tax debts, your tax relief specialist will will negotiate the best possible IRS resolution or settlement on your behalf.

Connecting you with highly rated tax specialists & attorneys.

A tax relief expert can help you tackle IRS tax relief in many ways:

  • Stop, or prevent, garnishment, lien, or bank levy.
  • Help you get relief from penalties and interest and settle back taxes for less
  • Discover the best possible resolution while protecting your individual and business rights.

Find the solution that's best for you.

Our highly rated tax partners offer solutions for all types of tax issues, from tax liens to wage garnishments. If your debt totals $10,000 or more and you live in any of the 50 United States or its territories, press on to get matched with the expert help you need.

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