Our Favorite Weight Loss Programs companies of 2020

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ConsumerAffairs favorite picks for Weight Loss Programs providers

To select our top picks for the best Weight Loss Programs companies, we looked at average cost, coverage and contract terms and conditions for the top 15 Weight Loss Programs companies in the industry.

When choosing a Weight Loss Programs plan, the most important things to review are cost and coverage. You can break any Weight Loss Programs offer down into a few main components.


  • Nutritious, portion-controlled meals
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
  • Delivers in the continental U.S.


  • Portioned meals and snacks
  • Delivered every four weeks starting at $9.40 a day
  • Tailored for men or women


  • Weight loss tracker
  • One-on-one counseling with coaches
  • Free online meal planner

LA Weight Loss Center

  • Offers flexibility and customization through its online portal
  • Supportive, interactive community
  • Extensive selection of recipes and food options